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  • Two year early childhood education diploma or equivalent approved by the provincial licensing process.
  • Active registration with the Ontario College of ECE.

Job Summary

Provide a care and education program for young children and their families in a group setting under the direction of the centre’s Supervisor.

Job Duties

1. Plan, implement and review children’s experiences in accordance with the centre’s philosophy and program goals.

  • Provide a daily balance of active/quiet, indoor/outdoor, and individual/group activities.
  • Establish and carry out daily schedule that incorporates child-directed activity, care routines and transition times.
  • Organize space, equipment and materials prior to activities.
  • Assist children in expressing themselves by listening and responding with questions or comments that extend conversations.
  • Use a variety of teaching techniques including modeling, observing, questioning, demonstrating, reinforcing and bridging.
  • Set up daily routines to take advantage of embedded learning opportunities.
  • Plan and carry out activities that promote problem-solving play (pretend play, creative and constructive play, and games with rules play).
  • Organize physical and social environment to extend and expand child-directed play experiences.
  • Recognize and build on emergent and early literacy and numeracy activities. Encourage children’s representation of their experiences.
  • Represent and document children’s activities – photos, display of children’s drawings and printing, portfolios, videos.
  • Provide experiences and play materials that actively promote anti-racist and non-sexist interactions and attitudes.
  • Participate in short and long term planning and the annual program review.

2. Individualize the curriculum.

  • Seek out opportunities to recognize and celebrate new developmental achievements.
  • Encourage and assist each child in carrying out daily routines.
  • Provide daily opportunities for each child to choose to be alone.
  • Engage each child individually each day.
  • Observe how children use the materials and interact with each other and adults.
  • Use observations to expand play, and plan activities that recognize individual differences.
  • Work with resource staff and other specialists to plan, carry out and review individual program plans.
  • Initiate referrals or additional services for children and parents/guardians if there are concerns about the course of development.

3. Guide children’s behaviour to promote autonomy and positive self-concept.

  • Set reasonable behaviour expectations consistent with the centre’s philosophy and polices.
  • Provide positive guidelines such as re-directing, positive language and reinforcement.
  • Immediately address problem behaviour without labeling the child.
  • Follow behaviour guidance policies established by the centre.

4. Ensure the child’s environment is healthy and safe.

  • Follow the centre’s procedures for maintaining health records, hygienic routines, universal precautions, and administering medication and first aid.
  • Report all accidents, injuries and illnesses to the supervisor or designate and record such incidents in the daily log, playground log, and as a serious occurrence, if necessary.
  • Monitor the indoor and outdoor environments for hazards.
  • Update daily on children’s allergies and other special conditions.
  • Establish enjoyable daily eating routines.
  • Attend to children’s physical needs for diapering, toileting, eating and sleeping, with respect and as promptly as possible.
  • Report all incidents of suspected child maltreatment.
  • Release children only to persons authorized by the parent/guardians.

5. Encourage and support active family involvement.

  • Seek out opportunities to recognize and respect family’s child rearing practices and expert knowledge about their children.
  • Complete daily information sheets appropriate for the age group.
  • Discuss the program’s daily events with family member at drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Guide families to activities that will allow them to participate in their children’s early learning and development.
  • Accommodate the family instructions for daily care routines whenever possible.
  • Encourage family members to spend time and to participate in the program throughout the day.

6. Contribute to the on-going operation of the centre.

  • Follow licensing and other regulatory requirements.
  • Carry out the responsibilities of the Supervisor as the designate when requested.
  • Attend regular staff meetings.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all information related to the centre’s children, families and staff.
  • Participate in the annual performance review process.
  • Plan and carry out annual plan for staff development.
  • Keep up-to-date with early childhood education and advocacy developments.
  • Maintain regular attendance and punctuality.
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