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Kids’ Stuff… the Family Learning Centre on the Thames believes that all children and their families should have access to high quality early learning and care. We believe that all children are entitled to emergent opportunities that support their emotional, social, creative, cognitive and physical growth and development in an inclusive, non-discriminatory environment that fosters active learning, autonomy, and a sense of responsibility and good citizenship.

Parents/guardians have the primary responsibility for the care and education of their children. They also have the right to pursue financial security, further education and/or personal fulfillment. Parents/guardians are entitled to be a part of the operation of the child care program within the legal framework. They should also be involved in and informed of the daily life of the centre as an integral part of their child care experience. Kids’ Stuff will support parents’/guardians’ participation in their children’s early learning care and development.

Staff members are the central component of the early learning and care environment at Kids’ Stuff. They have the important task and responsibility of providing opportunities for the development of the children. Staff will support and guide learning as it emerges naturally inside the centre, in the natural world and in our community as a whole. Inherent in the staff’s commitment to their work is their right to open communication, job descriptions, performance reviews, financial recognition of the value of their work, opportunities for professional development, and direct input into making decisions.

Kids’ Stuff…the Family Learning Centre on the Thames believes that an optimum early learning and care program must support positive relations between children, families and staff. Such programs supplement and complement family care in a nurturing, learning environment that promotes good citizenry. Working together, we lay the foundation for children to grow into caring and contributing adults.

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