Parent Involvement

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Parent/guardians and other family members are invited to become involved with Kids’ Stuff. The benefits from these arrangements are two-fold: participants provide additional resources to the program and participants learn more about their children and the program activities. Some suggestions for participation may include the following;

  • Involvement in Daily Program
  • Fundraising volunteer
  • Donations of resources, gifts in kind, etc.
  • Special visitors
  • Position on the Board of Directors

The Role of the Kids Stuff Board of Directors

The Board of Directors: focuses on the “big picture”.

As a charitable non-profit organization, Kids’ Stuff … the Family Learning Centre on the Thames, is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which set goals, policies and fee structure etc. The minimum term for each board member is 2 years with eligibility for renewal for additional terms.

The Board is accountable legally and morally to its membership, through activities which are consistent with the values communicated in the mission statement, the philosophy and purpose.

The Board operates on a ‘governance model’, setting broad guidelines and polices that determine the long-term direction of the organization and approves the overall budget for the operation of the facility. It ensures the organization meets all legal requirements by updating the By-laws of incorporation and reviewing program license reports, leases, insurance and purchase of service agreements.

The board consists of the following officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The officers shall have the authority as set out in the By-laws and governance policies included in the Board of Directors Handbook.

The Board focuses on strategic planning and considers how it can best achieve organizational goals through the implementation of standing committees that will focus on the “bigger picture” of organizational achievement as well as the Governance of the Board.

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